Alison Thomson
The Chronic

The results of this workshop ‘served’ to people with multiple sclerosis.

The purpose of the workshop was to assist in a cross-disciplinary discussion within the group as they all work on different levels, ie. microscopic, abstract, human.
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Chronic Couture is a project that proposes the activity of ‘dressing up’ as a method of engaging patients in a discussion. It provides the patient with a bespoke visual representation of their disease.

Anatomy of Multiple Sclerosis is the result of a workshop where neurologists modelled in plasticine what their research entailed. This workshop was created to facilitate a cross-disciplinary discussion about the different scales of the neurologists work, ie. microscopic, abstract, human.

The Chronic Counter workshop was held with a group of neurologists and clinicians. Participants were asked to design a ‘meal’ that represented their understanding of their patients.

How does seeing the formulation of these ‘dishes’ affect the patients’ perceptions of the clinicians who created them? The result of this workshop was ‘served’ to people with multiple sclerosis. These methods contribute to the design of The Chronic Facility.

Project Credits
The Chronic Facility
Cinematographer: Maja Zamodja
Portrait photography: Dan Medhurst
Chronic Couture
Portrait photography: Rachel Brown

Pattern Cutter & Garment design: Lula Alvarez