David Benqué

Rogue Factory: If rogue mobile factories could produce custom high-tech goods, what would the black market of ‘special orders’ look like?

Mobile Manufacturing Unit:
This corporate factory tours the country, setting up in cities for a few months at a time. As the population welcomes a new source of goods, jobs and manufacturing techniques, it is celebrated as an event.

Self Replicating Street Stall:
The street Genie can print any product you might think of, including a working copy of itself.

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The factories are coming to town! They are moving away from the unseen fringes and into our cities. Advances in microscale engineering point to a globalscale revolution where local, disposable factories produce high-tech goods on our very doorstep. What shapes might this new way of ‘making things’ take within our urban landscape? From garage workshops to circus-like temporary structures, from street-vendor stalls to vagabond encampments, this project explores the factories of the future and what our relationship to them might be, with the exciting prospect of taking back ownership of our production tools.

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