Gerard Ralló
Devices For Mindless

Conversations Challenger: this device lets you have a parallel conversation with a machine, and makes your partner aware of how interesting their input is in comparison to a chat-bot via an ‘attention-meter’

Personal Advisor for Reintegration: this helps young digital natives with their first steps into routine protocol, aimless interaction and small talk by proposing standard pseudo-open questions and answers

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This project speculates satirically about possible roles for technology in facetoface conversation. Modern human behaviour is largely driven by time efficiency and a clear tendency to minimise the cognitive impact of all actions which are not pleasurable ends in themselves. From devices to save you from redundant situations to ones that help push clever conversations forward, all of them respond to different aspects of the trend towards mindlessness when interacting with others, as well as its possible side effects.

Project Credits
Videos by: Ludwig Zeller & Milan Metthey
Thanks to: J Paul Neely

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