Gerard Ralló
Expressions Dispatcher

Person wearing the device engaging in a conversation. People mirror the device’s expression when interacting, as they would in normal circumstances — regardless of the fact that the choices come from a third person

Person wearing the device in a break during a day of experimentation to gauge the acceptance of such an intrusive, while familiar, technological mediation

Prototype of the controller to trigger basic, necessary expressions. the controller is always in the possession of a social expert who can interpret the subtleties of a situation and make the best decision for us

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Non-verbal communication is a deeply studied and complex subject that evades total comprehension and control. We are used to making thousands of decisions in this field on a daily basis without the proper knowledge to deal with such material. The Expressions Dispatcher asks the question ‘Are we good enough to decide by ourselves?’ The answer is probably ‘Yes’ as a matter of survival, but ‘No’ as a matter of making the best decision. As a starting point, this project delegates the ‘how people perceive us’ routine to a third person.

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