James Chambers
Design Group

The Gesundheit Radio just before sneezing

The antitouch lamp swaying

The Floppy Legs hard drive stood up

Poster charting the various technologies to be researched by the ADG

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The Attenborough Design Group (ADG) is a fictional organisation charged with investigating the use of animal behaviours to defend emerging technologies. I am proposing an alternative history in which the ADG developed a number of products exploring the needs of various new technologies as they emerged during the late 20th century. These products include the Gesundheit Radio, which sneezes periodically to expel potentially damaging dust, Floppy Legs, a portable floppy disk drive which stands up if it detects liquid nearby, and the AntiTouch Lamp, which sways away from you if you get too close to its sensitive halogen bulb.

Project Credits
Photographs: J. Paul Neeley
Video: J. Paul Neeley

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