Louise O'Connor
Nature Quest

Ribosome reading RNA to create a protein.

Gas giant Jupiter hosted by Sömine, 131 Kingsland Road, E8 2PB

When an energetic particle passes through a Geiger Müller Tube, the inert gas within briefly becomes conductive, triggering a click in the Geiger counter. This mechanism is embedded within the cloak and is used to activate its motion. 

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As scientific knowledge reveals ever more unintuitive, unimaginable aspects of the natural world, can we imagine ways of representing these and physically experiencing them? And, in turn, use technology as a means to reveal a hidden ‘magic’ in everyday reality?

Choreography of the Very Small:

A workshop and resulting film, in which amateur dancers interpret the cellular and atomic processes of life, through dance; in an absurdist yet genuine attempt, to connect with and understand the physical incomprehensibility of the micro world.

Walk the Solar System:

To get a sense of its true vastness, you are invited to walk the Solar System. A walkable scale model has been installed from Kingsland Road in Dalston, going up to up to Stamford Hill, London; part of one of Britain’s most historic and longest Roman roads. Local shopkeepers at the appropriate points on the route are acting as guardians to the planets – hosting models represented by everyday objects, at their correct sizes on this 3.1 km scale.
Those following the trail, or those simply passing by, can pay a visit to the planetary guardians and request to be shown the planet.

Geiger Cloak:

Using an embedded modified Geiger Counter, this garment reveals when a single energetic particle from outer space (otherwise known as a cosmic ray or ionizing radiation) passes through the body of the wearer, by creating a physical sensation as well as an intriguing spectacle of this invisible phenomenon. A phenomenon which is happening to you at this very moment. 

Project Credits
Cinematographer "Choreography of the Very Small part 2": Maja Zamodja
Music "Choreography of the Very Small part 2": Gasp! Cracking Eggs
Portrait photography "Walk the Solar System": Mark Henderson
For full details of businesses taking part in "Walk the Solar System" please see www.louiseoconnor.com.

Thanks to: Andrew Kerr, Ben Faga, J Paul Neeley, Kevin Grennan, all Planet Hosts and workshop participants.