Oliver Goodhall
Nuclear is Good.
What will it take
to convince you?

Nuclear is good presented proposals for alternative nuclear energy futures through a guided tour of the site of a potential new nuclear power station in Bradwell-on-sea, Essex.

PROTECTIVE BARRAGE CLOUD; Tethered, shielding infrastructure to be released into space if contaminated

CONCRETE EMERGENCY SERVICES; Local emergency response tailored to the potential risk of meltdown

ENERGY 'UBER-EDENS'; Limitless, guilt-free, low-carbon energy offers extreme, large scale district heating or cooling

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The nuclear renaissance offers a clean, near-limitless energy solution that could allow us to meet CO2 emission targets without going short as consumers.

What if we ask for protective barrage balloons, establish concrete emergency services and resign ourselves to the perceived ‘hazards’? What if we embrace pet polar bears and pineapple ice cream along with other benefits that nuclear energy could bring? And what if not: are we prepared for blackouts instead?

I am producing a new, rational — but skewed — energy agenda; a solution to our current dilemma.

Project Credits
Direction: Oliver Goodhall
Photography: Jenny Ekholm
Graphic Design: Stephen Osman
Film Editing: Ka Fai Choy
Assistants: Andrew Friend, James Gilpin, Holly Lewis (We Made That), Anna Long

Special thanks to all those who participated on the Guided Nuclear Tour.