Sitraka Rakotoniaina

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Deep within our sub-conscious lies an autonomous circuitry of mechanisms and ‘instincts’ triggered in peculiar situations. These ‘instincts’ have been forged in response to contextual dangers over the course of our evolution, and have shaped the way we perceive the world. Our brain, constantly juggles with sensorial inputs, re-adjusting, synchronising events to make them feel normal and reasonable. But, what is ‘normal’ if we consider what we consciously experience is a ‘brain-made’ reality?

Exploration of a possible ‘Hyper-normal’ space on the edge of normality, whereby a distorted experience of reality is induced because of physical or psychological stress, injuries, conditioning or training.

Time Conditioning
Enter The ‘Bullet-Time’

The way we perceive time is intimately linked to the situation within we experience it, as time flies when watching an action film and slows down when staring at a clock, waiting.
This project aims at providing an experience close to experiencing ‘bullet-time’, allowing enthusiasts to catch flies with chopsticks. It is composed of a training prosthesis slowing down the moves of the user’s arm,  as if under water. After a period of adaptation the training device is taken off. Once freed of the prosthesis the user has potentially increased his anticipation skills.

Project Credits
Thanks to: Jean-Brice Hubert, Patrick Wack. Daniel Foster-Smith, Steffen Fiedler & J.Paul Neeley

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